Create Index Git Repository

The Index Repository serves data read by cargo command when you build a crate depending on another crate hosted on Ktra.
You can use any git repository hosting service such as GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket even if its repository is private.
Additionally, of course, you can use private git repository managed by yourself.

This book introduces the simplest way to create the index repository with GitHub.

1. Go to Create new repository page. (login needed)

For more details, please see GitHub official documents.

  • The index repository's name is arbitrary.
  • Public or private either is fine.

2. Clone the repository created above.

You have to create an access token in advance to clone with HTTPS protocol.
Please see the GitHub official documents.

git clone

3. Create config.json file then commit and push it to remote repository.

Please make sure your branch name.
main is the default on GitHub but GitLab, Bitbucket and other git repository hosting services might default to master instead of main.

echo '{"dl":"http://localhost:8000/dl","api":"http://localhost:8000"}' > config.json
git add config.json
git commit -am "initial commit"
git push origin main

4. Edit your .cargo/config.toml.

Note 1:
Please see Cargo official documents for more details.

Note 2:
To make git remember your credential, please use the credential helper.

ktra = { index = "" }