Create Ktra Configuration File


Ktra Configuration File is a TOML formatted document file.
To configure Ktra's database, index and crate files, you should write it and pass the path to it as a command argument.


Note 1:
All configurations are listed on Appendix: Configurations page.

Note 2:
Please make sure your branch name AGAIN.
main is the default on GitHub but GitLab, Bitbucket and other git repository hosting services might default to master instead of main.

remote_url = ""
https_username = "YOUR_USERNAME"
https_password = "GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN" 
branch = "main"

And run Ktra with passing the path to above file.

ktra -c /path/to/config/your_config.toml
  • Please remember that Ktra searches ./ktra.toml as a default configuration file if not specified.