Create User And Login

Ktra has several additional web APIs called Ktra Web APIs to manage users.
You should call these APIs to create a new user.

All APIs are listed and detailed on Appendix: Ktra Web APIs page.

1. Create a new user

Run this command. curl command required.
ALICE just means the first user. Of course you can use a username you like.

curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"password":"PASSWORD"}' http://localhost:8000/ktra/api/v1/new_user/ALICE

Above command responds and prints a new token like this:


Please copy TOKEN, the printed token.

2. Login with cargo command

Run this command with the TOKEN that you copied.

ktra in below command is the registry name you specified in .cargo/config.toml file.

cargo login --registry=ktra TOKEN

It's OK if you get this message:

Login token for `ktra` saved